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Q. What is pre-emergent?

A. It is a water based or granular substance that, when broadcasted on your lawn or granite, stops seeds from germinating. We use water based pre-emergent for better control.

Q. What is a post-emergent?

A. Post-emergents are used to kill existing weeds. It is a systemic material and is absorbed into the leaves, stems, and eventually the roots of the plant to kill it.

Q. When should I do pre-emergent applications?

A. If you haven’t had one done in the past nine months, the answer is now! It is a myth that the best time is in the spring. We are a year round business and can attest that weeds grow every month of the year. Just because you don’t have weeds now, doesn’t mean you don’t have seeds just waiting to germinate. Contact us today!


Q. Why should I fertilize my lawn?

A. To stay green and lush, your lawn needs a balanced fertilizer with nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium to keep it healthy and strong. Most of the time, these elements are present, but over time, the hungry lawn eats them up and turf can be a very hungry plant during it’s major growing season.

Usually one glance can tell you if your lawn is starving. The leaves arent as green and healthy looking, or you may see brown tinges or spots. The proper balance of all the nutrients is the key to a healthy, beautiful lawn.

Some experts say that fertilization should occur every month. Others state four times a year. If you’ve never fertilized your lawn, Contact us! You’ll be amazed at how lush, green and healthy it can look!


Q. Do I have to spray my olive trees every year?

A. Yes. There is a window of time in the early spring when olive treees can be effectively treated to inhibit fruit production. This window of opportunity begins at the end of January/beginning of February and ends in March.

Unfortunately, once the bud becomes a flower and the flower falls off the tree (with a tiny olive taking it’s place), the window of opportunity is over and you’ll have to wait until next year.

Contact us in early November to get your olive trees on the schedule for February!



Please contact us for a free estimate. Many can be done within a few hours of your request. If you have other landscape questions or would like a speaker for an educational event we would be happy to share the knowledge accumulated or the last forty years in landscaping in the Valley.Contact us today!

About Us

EST Enterprises Inc. was founded in 1982 as a landscape installation and maintenance company.

1985 brought incorporation and a change in direction. Starting to spray olive trees led to expanding into weed control with the purchase of a close friend’s spray business when he wanted to move back to his hometown. The sale of our landscape installation and maintenance business soon followed in order to concentrate on weed control.

We continue to grow with the goal to maintain the family contact and service. We never want to lose the fact that we treat all of our clients as if they were members of our family. Our clients are our best advertisement. Our clients recommended us to friends and neighbors long before we offered a referral credit.


Currently we are a family owned and operated business. When you call the office, you will probably talk to our daughter, Jenni. The technicians working in your yard are either Sandy’s brother, Bob, or our son, Josh. Josh also services the commercial properties we have. Sandy runs the office, and Ed usually provides estimates and consultations. Moriah is in charge of all our social media, so make sure to check us out on Facebook!

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